Excel Drycleaners Oxford


vouch have ten £15 vouchers for just £7.50 each, for Dry Cleaning Services, at Excel Dry Cleaners in Summer Town.


Excel Drycleaners Oxford


Oxford’s specialist Dry Cleaners, experts in cleaning all delicate items including silks to wedding dresses.

Full repair and alteration service.

274 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DY
01865 511773




vouchers are posted to your home address, and will be with you within 48 working hours.

One voucher per visit – no more than one voucher can be used and customers cannot purchase more than one voucher and use against individual items on the same visit.
Drop off dry cleaning only.
Cannot be used on collection.
Must present voucher on arrival.
Vouchers are not refundable.
Vouchers expire after 2 months and will not be renewed.
There is no cash equivalent for the vouchers.
If the full amount of product is not consumed or utilised by the voucher purchaser, the voucher provider will not be obliged to refund any monies due.

Rachel Boyes is no stranger to Excel Dry Cleaners which she became the proud owner of on 10th August earlier this year. After all, she has been working there for thirteen years since joining former owner, John Warburton, in her first ever working role.

But life as owner of a business she loves with a passion is pretty much as it was as an employee. “Although I appreciate the added responsibilities of being the owner of the business, I don’t actually feel any different to how I have done for the past thirteen years. I absolutely love this business, being in Summertown and the customers who come in on a regular basis, many of whom are now good friends.”

Rachel speaks fondly of her customers, especially one lady who comes in like clock-work. “We have one lovely customer who comes in at 8.45am every Thursday. You can set your watch by her. She didn’t come in for a couple of weeks once and I thought the clocks were wrong and I’d missed her. Apparently her daughter was having a baby!”

Dealing with everything from dry cleaning to repairs and stain removal, and items from wedding dresses to suits and from theatre costumes to uniforms for surrounding schools and colleges, Rachel is very happy with the business model as it is and has made very few changes. By her own admission, it’s very much ‘business as usual’.

“John had the business running like clockwork and there is very little need to change something if it’s working so well. I am fortunate to have Jo Spillane who has worked with me for eight years, and also Mark Graham (who supplied the excellent photos for this review) is also a massive support for me.

“Even though I still feel like an employee rather than an employer, it is gradually dawning on me that this is my baby. I am very proud of it and wouldn’t be able to run it without John’s input in setting up such a well run business. I do miss him, but he pops in from time to time with a few words of encouragement, and I know where he is in case I need any help. Shaw Gibbs have also been a massive support to me on the accountancy and general business administration side. I appointed them as soon as I took over and it’s great that they are literally on my doorstep.”

With great staff, loyal customers and thirteen years of experience, there is no doubt Rachel will continue to thrive as one of Oxford’s favourite dry cleaning businesses.

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